Custom Boards

Prone / SUP / Wing / Tow Foil Boards

John can customize the design of your new foil board to your specifications or he can work with you to determine the perfect dimensions.

Custom composites are available including carbon fiber, kevlar, Innegra, S-Cloth and much more. Vacuum bagging is available.

John has over 30 years of experience with exotic composites and has a broad range of board construction knowledge.

Custom boards start at $1,375. Custom Malolo starts at $1,975. Typically custom build time is 4-8 weeks. This can change depending on John's current custom order demand. 

To start your custom design, get current wait times or any questions, please fill out the CUSTOM BOARD ORDER FORM

Custom Malolo Down Wind Boards:

Custom Prone Foil Boards:

custom foil board

Custom SUP Foil Boards:

Nubby SUP


Custom Tow Foil Boards:

custom foil tow board

amundson johno custom foil sup


Custom Foil Board Gallery: